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Professional Wedding Videos

The Dude offers a Professional, high quality, cost effective Wedding and Bridal Videography solution.Our Video Productions are authored to Standard DV and Blue Ray High Definition discs, in dolby digital stereo and 5.1 digital surround sound, using state of the art cameras and equipment from production through to post production and dvd author ing.

Your Wedding Video is filmed and edited using High Definition 1080p video equipment and editing tools, including DSLR technology, Steady cam, and handheld Riggs, with crystal clear  wireless sound recording equipment, all controlled by an experienced, specialised, almost invisible, one, or two man crew.

A Wedding video, is by far the most beautiful, timeless, wedding present that could be given to any couple. Capturing the day every woman has dreamed of since she could remember. Preserve everything about the perfect day from the arrangements to the dress, in high definition.

We take a movie approach to all our projects ensuring a remarkable, delightful movie to be shared with friends and family for generations to come.

You can be assured of a professional service covering all aspects of your wedding day .

Let The Dude capture this special day for you to enjoy in timeless High Definition digital quality.

As each wedding is an exclusive event we offer a fully customise able package for your every need. Contents include photographic montages, a pre-wedding love story, getting ready, arrival, service, photo shoot, reception, speeches, interviews with guests, 1st dance, evening montage & highlights. You can be assured you will receive the highest standards of professionalism, courtesy and appearance, always using one or two camera operators.

All the cameras we use are state of the art digital cameras. All editing and image manipulation is done using the latest computer based non-linear technology, allowing perfect copies to be made time after time.

In our video productions special effects such as slow motion, colour grading and transitions are all added to add to a quality production. We use this technology to produce some absolutely stunning pictures.

Backing Soundtrack

The Dudes also specialise in creating a optional custom recorded musical backing soundtrack which is individual to your wedding, no one else will have exactly the same music. Because we produce the music ourselves in our studio you can rest assured that there will be absolutely no copyright issues, you can even request an audio CD of your backing tracks.  If you prefer we can obtain a license to include commercial tracks of your choice, this includes recording the hymns & worship songs during the service, music from commercial cd’s or live Band at the reception.

Photo montage

A photo montage is another option to consider. Growing Up Photo Montage of the bride and groom.  Up to 60 scanned photos, animated in a photo sequence that can be played during the reception and added to the final edit.

A Love Story Video sequence.

The Love Story is a short video of the couple telling the story of their relationship. The video shows the couple talking about how they met, how they feel about each other, their future together, and other aspects of their relationship. Shot in a romantic setting, the video clips are set to appropriate music with romantic effects added. Up to 20 photos of the couple can be interspersed in the video. Often the Love Story Video is shown at the rehearsal dinner or reception.

A video of your wedding day will allow you and your family to relive this moment in time for generations to come. 

Thank you for your interest in the dudes professional wedding video service. For more information please visit 

We can also custom design a package to fit your budget. For a free quote please list & send all required features to

Trust the dude to capture your memory of a life time.

“A video of your wedding day will allow you and your family to relive memories for generations to come. The people who mean so much to you, the music, the voices the emotions, all come alive again on your screen.” These memories are priceless.

Wedding Photography and Videography.

While a photo captures a moment in time, video allows you to record time in motion. A videographer can record sound and voices as well, which include the vows, one of the most special and meaningful moments of the ceremony. A videographer allows you to relive and hold on to the memories of your wedding day forever! 

Sometimes, when the wedding budget starts getting high, some choose to settle for one or the other. If having a photo album is your priority, choose to have a basic video package to at least capture the day. You can always have it edited over time. 

A video of your wedding day will allow you and your family to relive this moment in time for generations to come. 

Check our availability

We are often asked “how far ahead do we need to book?” Because our services are in high demand, especially during the main wedding season, we strongly advise you to book as soon as possible. We do have reservations for up to 2 years ahead.

Our availability can change on an hourly basis, so we might have your date available, you are advised to call us, make an appointment for our no obligation consultation upon which we will provisionally hold that date for you for seven days, pending receipt of a 15% booking fee.

To check whether your chosen wedding date is available please email your details and wedding date to  :   or go to the dudes contact form.

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