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Digital Media

As media producers, the The Dude’s team have long experience of the impact a professional video will have on our clients’ audiences – but that’s not the whole story.

A great video is often just the centre piece of a wider multi-channel digital media campaign, and this can involve a range of video distribution options and complementary media. We offer a host of possibilities, including video podcasting, video within interactive learning environments, embedded video on websites and media enhancement through CGI animation. There are many options, but the trick is to be selective and get your digital media working in a coherent manner, in accordance with your audience’s needs.

Our aim is to ensure you choose the right forms of digital media and distribution channels, in order to reach your goals and it is part of our responsibility to optimise the media mix for your target market.

Video Podcasting

Video Podcasting is an excellent way of delivering video, and has distinct advantages that websites and social media don’t provide.

A video podcast can be downloaded so that it sits on devices such as tablets, desktop computers or mobile phones.

Play anywhere, anytime

Once downloaded, your video podcasts can be viewed anywhere, anytime – whether or not there is internet connectivity. Your audience can be on a plane or up a mountain, at sea on a yacht or in the back of beyond and they will still be able to view your videos. This is ideal for field sales forces, for example, who need a reliable way of playing video in a wide range of settings.

Automatic library updates for subscribers

Through podcasting, all your subscribers will be automatically notified of each new video podcast episode  – making sure your audience is always up to date with your video releases.

 Interactive Media


If your message, product or service is highly complex, an interactive presentation could well be the most effective way to engage your audience.

At Blue Sky, we create interactive presentations for exhibitions, permanent display as well as online.

By going interactive, you can create your own virtual world in 2D or 3D and hand over control to your audience, to explore your products and services at their own pace. In this virtual world, visitors can invest in their own areas of interest and be informed, educated or entertained – through video, virtual tours, photographic sequences or additional pdf resources.

Your interactive presentation can be tailored for use on desktop computers, tablets, mobile phones and other devices.

  • 3D Interactivity
  • Interactive Map
  • Interactive Virtual Tour

ExcelerateAs one of Europe’s foremost digital satellite communications companies, Excelerate are right in the vanguard for communication between the police, ambulance, fire and military services. The technology they sell is highly complex and conceptually challenging. Excelerate opted for this 3D virtual world to spearhead their sales and marketing initiative within the UK, Europe and Australia.


Digital Marketing

Any digital marketing campaign will be greatly enhanced by the strategic use of a well-made video. Numerous studies demonstrate this effect, in repeatedly reporting that video significantly increases engagement with your audience and conversion rates for your goals.

At The Dude, we seek to support you in finding the best ways to get the most out of your videos, adding power to your digital marketing strategies and helping you achieve your aims. Video has a major role to play in the Search Engine Optimisation of your website and in extending the reach of your messages via the power of social media.

Video sharing sites, such as YouTube, also widen your audience and the fact that YouTube is now the second most used online search tool after Google, means that a memorable video presence on YouTube is worthy of serious consideration for any business. Clients can also extend the reach of their communications with video podcasting and the video enhancement of email marketing.

CGI – Computer Generated Imagery

 Share your vision with your audience

Thanks to continual advances in computer software, we can create anything for you in video – either real or imagined.

Our videos have included virtual drama theatres, dairy farms, music halls, oil refineries, communications satellites, police vehicles… among many other things.

3DCGI and animation allows our clients to explain the inexplicable, think the unthinkable – and share their vision of the future for the benefit of their audience.

CGI animation can form an integral part of interactive display, and we have developed highly efficient and streamlined workflows to allow us to take in your plans or model your thoughts from scratch. We bring these to life through animation, changing light, motion tracking and moving cameras.

Once programming is complete, animated sequences are brought into the video domain for additional motion graphics, speed adjustment and colour grading and in this way we have complete control over your CGI animation.

Final output can be in the form of photo-realistic high-definition stills, high-definition video or any video format suitable for online delivery.

DVD, Blu-Ray & USB


High-definition video is best viewed from Blu-Ray to take advantage of today’s high resolution video. With all the advantages of DVD, but with four times as many pixels, you can be sure that all the detail captured by our cameras will be played back faithfully in your presentation.

USB Memory Sticks

USB sticks are not only cheap, but brandable and highly portable. As a convenient method of transporting your video or presentation across multiple devices, the USB stick is unbeatable. Security encryption is also available for more sensitive material and memory sticks can of course be overwritten or updated at any time by yourself as your presentation evolves.


Still popular as a tangible form of digital media storage, DVD is ideal for both video content and data.DVD has the advantage of playing reliably on both domestic DVD players and on modern computers and, as such, is an excellent medium for corporate communications. At Blue Sky we can encode programmes up to 150 minutes long, add menu structures, chapter points and subtitles.
Multilayered menu structures are also available, containing soundtracks, transition effects and moving images, bringing further engagement to the user’s experience.

Multilingual DVD Authoring

Advanced DVD authoring enables the use of switchable subtitles on programmes in up to 8 different languages. Up to 8 stereo sound tracks can also be selected from the main menu – ideal for multilingual publications with only one production master to create.

DVD Rom – embedding additional data

DVDs may also contain embedded files, such as PDF, word documents, excel and JPEG. When viewed on a computer, these supporting files may be accessed just as with a CD ROM – ideal for backing up the main video programme with detailed material for study.

Embedded Hyperlinks

Hyperlinks may also be included as part of the viewer experience and again, if played on a computer, the viewer can switch to the internet with the click of a button. This is a great way of expanding upon the DVD content and as a sales tool this technique is ideal; having stimulated interest through the main video programme, qualified prospect data is then captured through a webpage. This can be part of either the company website or a bespoke website, specifically designed to partner with the DVD production in both its message content and branding.